About Willow Bakery

I’m Nicola Males, I run a small micro-bakery and bakery school in Shepperton, Surrey by the River Ash.  I do weekly bread to order, and I teach both adults and children how to bake all types of bread/cake from my kitchen and Aga.  The success of my small bakery has meant I struggle to meet demand, so I’m about to expand into the garden, where I’ll have a barn workshop dedicated to the micro-bakery and will also be a perfect space for teaching.

I trained at Leith’s some 20 years ago where I did a foundation course in cooking.  Baking however has been my passion, and since having my son nearly 8 years ago it started to take centre stage.  I’ve been on numerous bread courses at River Cottage, E5 Bakehouse in London and the School of Artisan Food. I love teaching my son how to bake food with no preservatives or additives, just really good ingredients.

In this blog I hope to share insights from what I’ve learned so far as a baker, tips on what works, what doesn’t and relay some of my passion for good honest, wholesome food.  As well as how we teach the next generation to get back to artisanal practices, move away from highly industrialised food and learn the need to know where our food has come from and what’s been added along the way.